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It works like this

Log in to your Hear’nSay account using any browser, on any device. Select the look of your voice letter page from three template layouts. You can personalise your voice letter page with a covering note, your choice of slideshow images, social media connections, links and attachments. Then record your voice letter, using the full potential of your voice and the endless nuances of speech to communicate exactly what you want to say. Then simply enter the recipient’s email address, click send and your very personal and professional message is on its way.



You have the option of writing a greeting and covering note for the recipient of the voice letter, briefly explaining what your message is about, for example.
With just a simple mouse click, you record your voice letter, which the recipient can listen to as often as they wish.
A screen-filling slideshow enables you to provide a visual accompaniment to your voice letter, with any number of your images.
You have the option to attach PDF and Office documents, which can then be downloaded directly from the voice letter page.
You can complete the personalisation of your voice letter page by including a logo or personal profile picture.
The system generates a QR code for every Voice Letter.

Advantage after advantage

Whether you simply wish to pass on information, refresh long-standing relationships or approach potential new customers – with Hear’nSay, you can communicate expressively, professionally and innovatively. In addition, your message will always be heard at exactly the right moment, because the recipient can open and listen to your voice letter at a time that suits them.

Platform independent

Your Hear‘nSay voice letter is optimised for viewing on all modern devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Leichte Handhabung

Easy to use

Setting up and including the various building blocks of a professional voice letter takes just a few clicks. It’s also just as easy to alter or update existing voice letters. You can send your message via the Hear’nSay system or copy and paste the message link anywhere you like, for example in social networks.

Uncomplicated account management

Uncomplicated account management

Additional users can be managed via the user administration section. Older voice messages are archived and deleted as needed by you.

First-class security

First-class security

Data protection has the highest priority at Hear’nSay and that’s why we ensure that all voice letters are processed and stored on an ISO 27001 certified, high availability server centre in Germany. In addition, you also have the option to further secure your voice letters with a password that the recipient must enter before your message can be opened.

Integration with your system

Integration with your system

You have the option of integrating the Hear’nSay voice letter system into your own website, together with exclusive FTP access.
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