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Hearn’Say Voice Letters in Property Sales, Letting and Management

In recent years, estate agents, letting agents, management companies – practically anyone involved in a property purchase or let – have benefited greatly from new developments in technology. From using a digital property particulars template to save time and add value, to the increased use of property management software, from every estate agent website becoming a central sales channel, to marketing through social media, the number of advances in the field is dazzling.

Now, the Hear’nSay voice letter, an image sharing and spoken-word communication system, is set to provide the sector with another highly effective piece of kit in its toolbox. It allows sales professionals to market a flat, detached house, a piece of commercial property or even building plots for sale in an innovative and highly personal way.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words…

Hear’nSay voice letters are created quickly and easily by the user by logging into their account on hearnsay.com. A voice letter can combine a brief written note, a PDF attachment, a slideshow of the user’s images, for example, photographs of a property, links to user-defined URLs, such as the estate agent’s website or a YouTube video, and, uniquely, a function that allows the user to record or upload audio to accompany the images, such as a spoken description of the property’s particulars.

The Hear’nSay system gives each voice letter a unique URL that is partially customisable, for example, with the name, address or description of the property. Once the voice letter creation process is complete, its unique URL can be shared like any other, such as via email, social media or publication on websites.

A QR code that links to the voice letter URL is automatically generated. When an agent wants to create particulars, the QR code can be incorporated or displayed with property summaries in estate agents’ windows, newspaper and magazine adverts, as well as on for sale and to let signs positioned outside relevant properties. Smartphone users simply scan the QR code and the voice letter opens in their browser.

A Person’s Voice Tells a Million More!

When used by property professionals in this way, Hear’nSay voice letters are an extremely cost effective and time efficient alternative to videos. People buy from people, as the saying goes, and for many salespeople emotion and personality a large part of any selling process. Hear’nSay voice letters make it very easy for potential clients to have a far greater personal experience when encountering a property’s details for the first time, as the spoken recording is an exceptionally effective vehicle for the estate agent to communicate their open, friendly and professional manner.

Of course, voice letters are also an ideal way of communicating with clients and potential leads, as they can be used in a similar way to leaving a voicemail message or sending an email, but with the added benefits of professional branding, the visual element of the user defined slideshow, web links and an attached file.

Start Sending Voice Letters Today – (for free, if you like!)

Hear’nSay is available in three price levels, from a fully functional free version, to the standard and professional versions that have greater storage capacity and team management functions. For more information and to set up your free account, visit tariffs and pricing.